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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy provides a variety of rehabilitation, education and treatments to address movement issues, pain, 

 illness, injury or surgery.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on educating to help improving motor, sensory and cognitive skills with daily function

to help people return to their lives. By improving the fine motor skills, such as picking up objects, hand mobility and

daily functions.  


Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning for those wanting more direction and improvement after therapy. Physical performance

that uses exercise specifically but not limited to improve the performance and movement; using resistance to induce

muscular contraction which builds endurance, strength including size and shape of muscles.  

Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise addresses the education of functional limitations and gross motor skills. We focus on increasing strength, range of motion and flexibility through finding the imbalances and redirecting the muscles to fire properly. 

Cost per Session


$   36.00     1/2 hour

$   54.00     3/4 hour

$   72.00     1 hour

$ 108.00     1 1/2 hours

Online Programming

A personalized workout created just for you based on your current goals.  New workout sent to you 

every 4-6 weeks.  $40/month

Virtual Exercise


We offer virtual session on a variety of platforms.  With only a few pieces of equipment needed.

$25.00     1/2 hour

$37.50     3/4 hour

$50.00     1 hour

Team up to Trim Down!

A couple of years ago, a widely reported study suggested that weight gain is "contagious." Well, a new study from Brown University says the same may be true of weight loss! In the study of more than 3,000 people, folks who banded together to shed pounds and tone up boosted their odds of success by 20%. So join ranks with others who share your goal and you many find it easier to trim down!

Ask about our group pricing. 

Indianapolis                                                            Muncie

$  62.50      1/2 hour                                               $ 40.00      1/2 hour

$  93.75      3/4 hour                                               $ 60.00      3/4 hour

$125.00      1 hour                                                   $ 80.00      1 hour

$156.25       1 1/4 hours                                           $100.00      1 1/4 hours

$187.50      1 1/2 hours                                            $120.00      1 1/2 hours

Manual Therapy

Tablework addresses the muscular systems role in chronic pain and injury. We strategically challenge and progress an individual's neuromuscular system for improved function by focusing on the purse of pain by testing, correcting and maintaining muscle contractile capability. We utilize Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), manual manipulation, myofascial release, lymphatic and sinus system drains, craniosacral therapy, active and passive stretching and utilizing tools for ASTM, scraping, cupping and slide cupping when needed to develop a program for whole body correction. 

 Massage Therapy

A gentle and soothing Swedish massage that is designed to help you unwind and de-stress. It involves slow and rhythmic strokes, gentle kneading and light pressure on the muscles.  Due to its gentler nature, a relaxation massage is not intended to treat sports injuries or discomfort in that sense.  Click here to be directed to our spa services.

Therapy Options
If you do not know exactly what type of therapy you are looking for but you do know you are wanting help, 
click here to leave us message. One of team members will get back with you as soon as we can to help you 
figure that out.
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