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Olympus Fitness includes therapy, corrective exercise, strength and conditioning  and table-work that can meet your rehab, funtional and athletic needs.  Our highly trained therapist can treat conditions resulting from a illness, current or old injury or surgery; we welcome all ages for orthopedic, neurological, muscular or balance conditions.  

Physical Therapy 
Physical therapy provides a variety of rehabilitation education and treatments to address movement issues, pain, strengthening to recover from illness, injury or surgery.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy focuses on educating to help improving motor, sensory and cognitive skills with daily function to help people return to their lives.  By improving the fine motor skills, picking up objects, hand mobility and daily functions.  

Pediatric Therapy
Pediatric therapy include education with combination of physical, occupational and corrective exercise to address orthopedic injures, neurological, mobility and balance issues; such as stairs, walking and gait training.

Strength and Conditioning 
Strength and conditioning for those wanting more direction and improvement after therapy.  Physical performance that uses exercise specifically but not limited to improve the performance of human body; using resistance to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles.  

Corrective Exercise
Corrective exercise addresses the education of functional limitations and gross motor skills.  We focus on increasing strength, range of motion and flexibility through finding the imbalances and redirecting the muscles to fire properly.  

Table-work focuses on the cause of pain by testing correcting and maintaining muscle contractile efficiency; that analyses and corrects muscular imbalances. By improving flexibility and decrease in muscle tightness  to developed and gain proper alignment and firing of the primary and secondary muscles.  

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