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Dannyelle is from Pendleton, Indiana, a small midwest town.  She has a BS in physical therapy for sports medicine from Arizona State University and a certified nutritionist from Purdue University- Anderson.  She has worked in physical therapy for the last 9 years and fitness for the 15 years before.  Dannyelle has her personal training certification with NASM, NATA, NCCPT and YMCA Healthy Lifestyles with Muscle Activation Technique and Massage Therapy.  She has over 20 years of experience in health industry.  
Dannyelle is a swimmer since age 11, as a world-ranked competitor in the butterfly and swimming mile. Also, a USSwimming coach, swim instructor for child and adult. She enjoys being trained body-builder and competing as a Power Lifter, Strong Man, boxing, women's Semi Pro Football team and has a great time downhill skiing, and playing tennis and golf.  
But as she ages, she says she is really starting to enjoy combining power movements to gain strength along with plyometrics to keep the body quick and toned.  
She has had the opportunity to work with and has been successful with every goal:

  • large and small weight loss, 5-150lbs
  • toning and sculpting the body, 
  • beach body ready 
  • anxiety and stress release
  • eating disorders 
  • balance
  • post  surgery & injury rehabilitation
  • strengthening
  • sport specific
  • body building
  • power-lifting
  • strong man
  • tri-athlete 
  • professional athletes for basketball, football, hockey and swimming as their strength and conditioning coach 

Dannyelle believes that the body can be healthy and happy at any age, you just need to take that next step to get there.  

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