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Morning Workout:


You'll need a small space. You can go outdoors and stay warm too. This will kick your butt into shape!!!!!!!!
10 standing squats
10 high jumps
10 jumping jacks
Rest 1 minutes 

Repeat 5-7 times 

Leave a note & a pic after and  let me know how you feel with this workout. 

People tell me all the time they want to tone up.  So here we go:

What is muscle tone:
Exercise scientists define muscle tone as the minute muscular contraction which constantly exists in all skeletal muscles during relaxation.  
If you asked "what is muscle tone" you probably weren't looking for the scientific definition but it was worth a mention.  The fitness industry has many terms which have conflicting scientific and popular beliefs which creates misinformation, confusion and event fitness myths.  

What is Muscle Tone;  the popular definition:
Muscle tone is the level of visibility of your muscles which is also commonly referred to as definition.  Having muscle tone means you can see the outlines of the muscles under your skin.  Everyone has the muscles but not everyone is toned or defined which allows the muscles to be visible.

Muscle Tone really refers to body composition:
Your body is covered with skin which has a layer of subcutaneous fat.  If you have a high percentage of body fat which is covering your body you will not show muscle tone.  If you have a body fat percentage which is higher than average you have to lose some of your body fat in order to improve your muscle tone.
If you have a body fat percentage which is lower than average or lean, you have to build muscle to increase your muscle tone.
There are no secrets about which exercises or diets improve muscle tone just the plain, simple science behind body composition.  If you burn more calories than you consume you will gain body mass, if you burn fewer calories than you consume you will lose body mass.  

Which exercises "tone" and which "bulk"?
The correct answer is all exercises tone and bulk.  Some are better at it than others.  I like to focus most of our time on compound exercises like squat, bench and deadliest with a variations of lunges, presses and rows.  Whether you gain weight or lose weight depends almost entirely on diet.  You can perform any exercise if your trying to tone provided you consume less than calories than you burn.  If you are a 30-year old female with 22% body fat and lift heavy 3-4x/week, follow a nutrition plan where you lose 1pound a week, you are going to tone up and look amazing.  If on the other hand you follow a plan where you consume an extra 1000 calories per day, you are going to bulk up. 

How do you improve Low Muscle Tone?
If your body fat percentage is high, you can improve your muscle tone by losing body fat which requires a sustained caloric deficit and usually occurs at a 1-2pounds per week rate.
If you currently have a blow body fat percentage you may need to add some lean muscle to appear more toned.  Perform reisistance training 3-4days/week and eat a few hundred calories extra every day to obtain more muscle definition.  
Most people thing high reps and low weight is the way to go to get toned looking muscles and this in in part is true.  The problem is that most people in my experience will do for 15 reap what they could actually do for 30 reps.  That is not enough weight to make the changes happen.  Get out of your comfort zone and lift some heavier weight.  If I have cleared you overhead press, lunge, squat or deadliest because  you have passed the initial testing, then do not be afraid.  
Next time you squat take whatever you normally do for 15 reps add 30pounds and still do 15 reps and then and only then will you realize what you need to do in the weight room to get those toned muscles.  

I would like to help someone (maybe even you) with their nutrition and fitness program.  

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